WE ARE OPEN! But, what are we doing to keep our customers safe for photo shoots?

enquiries and consultations this week 18th – 24th May
Photo Shoot bookings from 25th May 2020

But, what are we doing to keep our customers (and us!) safe for photo shoots?

We are limiting the types of shoots we are undertaking to ensure that all parties are safe throughout the photo shoot process.

All consultations and pre-planning of photo shoots will be done over the phone or over email, all sales materials including invoices will be send digitally with no hard (printed) copies being exchanged in person. All images sent are digital, sent electronically.

We are currently only offering face to face photo shoots outdoors, and not in our home studio. Photo shoots such as head shots and portraits, so that we can adhere to social distancing rules easily.

Although face masks are not actually government advised for my line of work, I shall be carrying them with me and will be more than happy to use throughout our photo shoot if it would make you, or any member of your team, feel more comfortable. This can be discussed during our consultation. “When managing the risk of COVID-19, additional PPE beyond what you usually wear is not beneficial. This is because COVID-19 is a different type of risk to the risks you normally face in a workplace, and needs to be managed through social distancing, hygiene and fixed teams or partnering, not through the use of PPE”- Gov.uk

Studio Product Photography can still be undertaken, for products that can be dropped off to our Christchurch studio location & be left within our porch, to ensure no contact. These can then be picked up at an agreed later date.

We are also able to undertake all aspects of landscape photography; ideal for businesses to help showcase your local area, to provide updated website banners or to use as part of your social media campaigns.

Lastly, with the new government guidelines for the property market and allowing estate agents to do house viewings “Initial viewings should be done virtually wherever this is possible and property agents should help you to do this” we can provide interior photography to help aid with the virtual viewings.

So…..let’s chat!

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