Photo Shoot Process


Firstly, decide on what photo package you would like

Decide on what package you would like or whether you want to contact us for a bespoke package .
If you would like something specific, or are totally unsure about what you want, please feel free to contact us to discuss your experience.

Then, book your studio session – just give the studio a call on 01202 432234
You will be required to make a deposit to book. Deposits are non-refundable.

We will then send you a confirmation pack verifying your date and time slot, which is also jam packed with useful information about your shoot!

For the shoot itself

Try and be comfortable, wear your favourite clothes or clothes that have sentimental value or mean something to you.

Bright colours work really well, especially against a white or a black background. For family photo shoots, we highly recommend not to ‘match’, which can look quite dated, however to opt for a similar colour palette for example white, bieges, greys & creams or blues & greens. Please avoid busy patterns & brand logos.

You will be asked to take your shoes & socks off for the photo shoot so you have bare feet.

We can comfortably accommodate 4 people within our studio space, we ask that you do not arrive with spectators. Everyone there is to take part.

After the studio shoot

You will be given an access code, which is case sensitive, as well as being informed when you will be able to view your album online (usually 5-7 days after your shoot). These secure online albums are available for 14 days.

Each image displayed in the customer album has a unique reference code so if you wish to discuss a certain image, we know exactly which one you’re referring to. You can easily and quickly order the pictures you want in the comfort of your own home with our online purchasing system, or come into the studio for a viewing session. After your album has expired your session images shall be placed in archive for 3 months before being permanently deleted.

Email us at or give us a call on 01202 432234 or 07572 447 643.
For more information on our studio shoots, check out our FAQs page